Meet Our Deacons

  • Don Nokes

    Don Nokes and his wife Pat have attended the Webster City Church of Christ for over 50 years, and he currently serves as deacon. Don is committed to leading well and has a passion for the church to care for the needy. Don is retired as Director of Transportation for Webster City Schools where he worked for about 30 years. Until recent years, he was known locally for driving horses, and could be seen about town on special occasions and holidays, his horses pulling a fancy carriage or wagon. In the last few years, his pastime has turned from transportation with four legs to wheels. Don can now be found enjoying a labor of love restoring a '51 Ford.

  • Blaine McCollough

    Blaine has been a member of the Webster City Church of Christ for over 30 years. He is married to his wife Bonnie and they have 11 beautiful grandchildren. Blaine has served as a Sunday school teacher, has served on the Worship Team. He enjoys playing his guitar. He enjoys painting and drawing landscapes and collects ducks. Blaine has been a deacon on two different terms. He loves studying the Bible and going to Bible studies.

  • Brian Appelgate

    Brian has been part of Webster City Church of Christ for about 3 years and is contributing to the growth of the church in a number of ways. He and his wife Michelle just had twins this summer. Besides helping the church grow the nursery numbers, he is part of a team that oversees the finances of the church, donates hours to building maintenance and even plays the drums on the Creative Arts Team.