Meet Our Staff

  • Chad Halbach


    I grew up in a family that was far from church and far from God. But about 20 years ago my life changed. The God I encountered when I was a boy started to become alive to me. I found myself spending late nights at my kitchen table reading the Bible. On those quiet nights God spoke to me, God guided me and God instructed me. 

    Since that season of my life I have never been the same. Those encounters with God lead me to seminary, to plant a church, and most recently to pastor in Webster City.

    I am not your typical pastor. I ride my motorcycle a lot, I am still madly in love with my high school sweetheart, I am happy to be raising six kids and I am still a little rough around the edges from my years of working in construction. But I am a pastor because it is my deepest desire for everyone to encounter the God that came to me during late night sessions of reading my Bible at my kitchen table.

  • Marsha Halbach

    Children's Ministry

    I grew up in a little town not far from here, Stratford. As a girl growing up my parents took us to church and Vacation Bible School, but it was a lot of going through the motions.

    Chad and I met in high school and married a year later. We were blessed with our first child a year after that and now have 6 kids, 3 boys, 3 girls. Through those early years of marriage and raising kids I began to realize that God meant more than just praying before you started eating. I knew that there was more to it than that and I wanted to find out more. We began going to church, hanging out with people who seemed to know Jesus, praying and reading the Bible. We have been on this adventure ever since, with good days and bad days. We are seeking to know God better and instill a love for Jesus in each of our children.

    Supporting Chad in ministry and raising our children is what fills most of my days. Supporting marriages and healthy families has been our passion. My past experiences include teaching children and adult classes and organizing Christmas programs and family fun events.

    I continue to seek to grow in my relationship with God and am amazed at the blessings in my life!

  • Chris Parkhill

    Office Administrator

    I began my job as church secretary here at the Church of Christ in August of 2000, and have felt ever since that I was led to where God wanted me to be. Before joining the staff here at the church, I enjoyed being a stay at home mom for 9 years, caring for my children as well as for many wonderful children from around our community, at my in-home daycare. Leaving that for something with a little more connection to the outside world, I worked two part time jobs before finding myself here at the Church of Christ.

    My husband Marty and I have two sons, Nathan and Logan, and a daughter, Megan. I cherish time with family. I enjoy reading, backyard campfires, watching movies, and working on my scrapbooks.

    While my kids were young I enjoyed teaching both Sunday school and VBS for several years, directing VBS for one year, and co-directing the Wednesday night children’s program at our church. Working here at the Church of Christ now keeps me connected to God each and every day, and I feel very fortunate to serve Him through serving the families of His church and also the people of my hometown.

  • Jana Meyer

    Involvement Ministry Coordinator

  • Tony & Robin StReigle

    Youth & Family Ministry