History of Webster City Church of Christ

In the summer of 1892 a group of people gathered together to plan and organize a new church that would reach the people of Hamilton County. Lead by Pastor Bruce Brown and evangelists G.L. Brokaw and Lawrence Wright Martiandale, the men gathered a group of about 60 people that became the founding members. 

From the beginning there was a commitment to be independent from any national hierarchy and to empower local leadership to make all decisions for the church. In addition to this new style of church governance there was also a commitment to call Christians back to unity in faith around the standards set forth in the New Testament (Please examine the Restoration Movement page to find out more).

For over the last 120 years Webster City Church of Christ has maintained a strong connection to our roots. We remain an Independent Christian Church governed solely by local leadership and fully committed to the spiritual well being of the people of Hamilton County.

We are proud of our history, but our eye is on the future. To get a feel for where we are going in the next few years please take a look at the "where we are going" page.