Missions We Support

N.E. IA Christian Service Camp

Between October 1962 and February 1963 churches in central Iowa were asked for a commitment to incorporate. A total of 8 churches accepted the challenge: Bristow, Hampton, Mt. Auburn, Shell Rock, Waterloo, Eldora, Marshalltown, and Goldfield all accepted and this marked the birth of NEICSC. Since that time committed men and women have faithfully volunteered to help the camp accomplish its mission.

Mission Statement:

Our mission is to win people of all ages to Christ and build them up in the Christian faith and life.


Christian Evangelistic Mission

CEM passionately desires everyone to have the freedom to connect with God through his son, Jesus Christ. To reach lost people with the good news CEM believes starting New Restoration Movement Church Planting Churches. The Restoration Movement offers freedom not only for people to understand God’s great love for them based on the Bible, but many other freedoms as well. 

CEM exists to start new church planting churches through recruiting and developing church planters, supporters and leaders. CEM is supported by gifts from churches and individuals. CEM has been planting new (Christian/Church of Christ) Churches since 1957.


Church For Sao Luis  (John & Ruth Navis)

John and Ruth have been missionaries in Brazil since June of 1990. John’s first challenge was to learn the language (Ruth is Brazilian), so he could effectively minister to the people of Sao Luis. The Navis’ ministry is working to transform lives for Christ and teaches that it is the job of everyone to make disciples.

Over the years, John has been teaching some of the men to preach, some of those have left Sao Luis to preach in other cities. Outreach is a very important part of their ministry, resulting regularly in decisions for Christ. Members of the church evangelize through evangelistic Bible studies, Vacation Bible School, and other outreach activities.


Deaf Child Hope International

Deaf Child Hope International partners with Christian missions and ministries to provide every day necessities such as food, water, clothes, shelter and schooling as well as the teaching about Jesus Christ to deaf children living in poverty around the world.